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  • MyAviBook Wikipedia pages are now online. You can access the Wiki by going to the site (link below)

    Everything you need to know about setting up, maintaining and customising your MyAviBook account

  • ⚠ CRITICAL SYSTEM OUTAGE from 3am PST/PDT 27th September 2023.
    Once again our service provider has been dismal in their support and our main server has once again been down almost all day today. I do have a call logged but am yet to have any sort of response from them. All I can do is apologise and appeal on your patience. Hopefully they will get…Read More

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    • What a nightmare! But I am very pleased to say that the systems are back online. We do have a problem with our service provider. A bunch of plonkers with absolute jobs worth attitude. I get that they also have amateurs that they have to deal with, but boy! they do not listen and trying to get an issue resolved has become a game of ping pong and…Read More

  • ⚠CRITICAL SYSTEM OUTAGE from 11am PST/PDT 13th September 2023.
    We currently have a critical system’s failure do to a downed main server. Technical teams are working on the issue but as it is now 1am in my time zone, I will not be able to restart the systems until the morning (roughly 1am PST/PDT time). I sincerely apologise for any i…Read More

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  • 📖 My Avi Book – Dynamic Worldz Social Media Pages

    Quite a few have mentioned to me that you would like to be able to create your MyAviBook accounts using your existing Facebook account.
    I have heard your requests and as of today you can create your own MyAviBook account using your Facebook login.
    Simply click on the F icon on the sign in…Read More

  • ⚠ Mid Month Scheduled grid restart 2am Tuesday 15th August 2023

    Our usual Mid Month server restarts will be done at 2am PST/PDT on Tuesday morning. There will be a brief outage affecting all systems except the main website and MyAviBook.
    Full system access should be restored by 3:30am.
    Thanks and wishing you all a great week.

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