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  • Happy Valentines Day everyone. Quick note to all our users who may be trying to login at midnight PSD. We have to do an unscheduled restart due to an unscheduled Windows server update that ran overnight. The servers will not be offline for long as its just a restart.

  • ⚠ Scheduled/Planned Grid Outage 31st January 2024 at 2am PDT.
    A reminder to everyone that our usual month end outage is just around the corner. On Wednesday morning at 2am PDT all our servers will go offline for a couple of hours so that we can perform maintenance on the servers.
    Systems are usually back online by about 3:30 or 430am. There…Read More

  • For those who have not yet got all your Christmas decorations the DW Welcome region has a few full prem bits available and dont forget the Christmas Store on The Spoiled Diva Freebbie Store region. Enjoy 🎄☃️🎁🎊

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