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  • *** Breaking News!!! ***
    The migration is done! wooohooo!!!
    So this morning I switched over the final (big) servers. Initial testing shows good results.
    However, I would really appreciate it if everyone did a bit of testing themselves and let me have your feedback.
    I will be continuing with development as there are a few things that I would…Read More

  • Very important update re the migration. Please note that we have had to revert back to our original servers due to incompatibility issues with our data files on the new systems. The process is going to take much longer than we had hoped. Each bit of data has to be manually converted. So I am asking all users to please box up any new items that you…Read More

  • The current progress on the grid assets backup after 2 days >.< Good grief! we have a lot of stuff. The backup has been running for 2 days and is only at 9% I really hope it speeds up or this is going to take forever to do. Wish me luck 😜

  • ⚠️The big move – Grid Migration Update 9th May 2024⚠️
    **** Extended Grid Outage Planned for 28th May – 5th June 2024 ****

    Greetings to you all…
    Final phase of testing for our grid migration has now been completed. Due to the size of our database we are going to require an extended outage to migrate the database. This is due to the process…Read More

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    • The BIG grid migration is under way. We hope that the outage wont be too many days, but it is a huge job and a lot of data that has to be zipped up and shipped, then reconfigured once it gets to the new server. Then all the region servers have to be reconfigured and every region reconfigured with the new connections and setups. We expect (and…Read More

  • Greetings all
    **** Update on Grid Migration – May 2nd 2024 ****
    The Region server migrations have now completed. All user owned land is now hosted on Linux servers. There will be no more scheduled restarts every 2 weeks.
    At the moment land owners can not restart their regions themselves. If you feel that your land could do with a restart…Read More

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