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  • Greetings friends
    Our conversion to Linux is going quite well. Most region servers have now been migrated. There are only two more region servers that are still in contract on Windows until later this month.
    The next migration (this week) will be our grid user website.

    During migration users will not be able to login to the portal or create…Read More

  • Our systems have been recovered and the grid is back online. I am stepping up the process to get the grid converted to Linux. I want to get all region servers converted before the end of the month and the main database will be done early part of next month so that we can finally address the current stability issues. Thanks for bearing with us and…Read More

  • 10 April 2024 Complete grid outage. There is currently a technical issue preventing connection to the facility hosting many of our servers including our main database servers. This means that there is currently a complete grid outage. Technicians on site are working on finding a resolution. We will try to restore services as soon as possible.…Read More

    • We are still waiting on the onsite engineers. I have just received an email saying it had been refereed to another department for investigation. Please bear with us while the issue is resolved. Many thanks Danny

    • Grid is now back online – I am in the process of starting up regions. Users will now be able to connect to the grid. Thanks everyone for your patience and for bearing with us through this technical issue. Have a great day. Danny

    • Im sorry to report that the servers are down again. I have reported it with the hosting company, but am yet to receive any sort of reply. My humble apologies and I hope we are back soon.

  • ℹ⚠🎈 Region server migration 🎈⚠ The rolling region server migration will start this Monday 8th April 2024. This is a month long process and will not affect all regions at the same time. Each region server will be migrated in turn. If you are unable to connect to your region, please allow about 4 hours before contacting the helpdesk as the outage…Read More

  • Friday 29th March 2024 – Usual Server Maintenance in progress

    Our scheduled month-end server maintenance is currently in progress. We expect our servers to be back online by around 4:30AM PDT.
    Thank you for your patience and for working with us while we carry out this work.

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